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Rogue River Mail Boats

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

ROGUE RIVER, OR. The Rogue River in Southern Oregon begins its journey from a flowing stream in the Cascades. It then travels over 200 miles through the heart of the Siskyou Mountains The last stop before the Pacific is Gold Beach, a small seaside community along the coastline of Southern Oregon.

Well-known for its world class salmon and steelhead fishing, the town is also home to the State’s only Mail boat hydro-jet trips. The company offers four options for jetboat rides up the mighty Rogue River beginning in early May, running through mid-October. There’s the original 64-mile postman’s run, a whitewater filled 80 mile special delivery run, all the way up to a thrilling 100 plus mile trip up the down-staircase, properly entitled, “handle with care”. Along the way, our pilot points out some of the wildlife making their homes along the river. Bird watching is a favorite pastime in the area and the region is home to at least 250 species.

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