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Kootenail Angler

LIBBY, MT. God's country, that's what some people call it. Majestic mountains and pristine lakes and rivers so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. Warm hospitality, good fishing, and a view to take your breath away, that's what you'll find when visiting Kootenai Angler in Libby, Montana.

Located in a remote corner of Northwestern Montana, the Kootenai River is one of the more isolated and less crowded of the Montana rivers, but by no means any less spectacular. Today, nearly twenty-five years later, the old wooden boat he started with has grown to include a full guide staff, fly shop, river front lodging and a restaurant. Kootenai Angler has a trip to accommodate all skill levels and budgets. Half-day or full-day trips are available as well as full-service lodging and meal packages.

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