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Kilgore Adventures

WHITE BIRD, ID. From White Bird, Idaho, wind your way down twisting Hell's Canyon of the Snake River to a place called Pittsburg Landing. Here, you will meet Captain Kirk Kilgore of Kilgore Adventures for a six hour trip down the Snake River.

This trip will take you on a tour through the deepest canyon of North America. During the trip, you will have a relaxing stop at the Kirkwood Historic Ranch, an old sheep ranch that has been turned into a museum. Rest up here before you board the jetboat again for the wildest part of the ride. You will hit some of the biggest and thrilling rapids here on this part of the trip. After the excitement, you'll reach the impressive Hell's Canyon Dam. From there, you'll head down the river back to Pittsburg Landing. Heads up: you will definitely get wet on the way down!

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